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Tee Neighbors has been the owner of Neighbors Construction for 25 years. He prides his company on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Tee is the main project manager for every job we contract thus working closely with the employees of Neighbors Construction and all sub-contractors hired. In his free time Tee enjoys fly fishing, skiing and spending time with his family.


Emily Neighbors has been working with Neighbors Construction for 20 over  years. Her schooling in Interior Design and vast knowledge of spatial planning has helped create many memorable projects for Neighbors Construction. Emily works closely with every client’s individual needs thus creating a timeless, functional space increasing her client’s value of their home.

Neighbors Construction is a full service construction company specializing in residential renovations. From large scale room additions to the re-building of decks we can do any job of any size. On staff we have 3 contractors, one tile crew and a painter working full-time. All of our sub-contractors have built relationships with us for the past 20 years. None of our sub-contractors have been working for Neighbors Construction for less than 10 years which in turn solidifies our confidence that the job will always be done right. We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with the best products, most reasonable and competitive pricing while also exuding exceptional customer service.

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